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Actually I am looking for property in florida....seriously!!!! I imagine there will be lots of drive by peepers though..... If you like country music, try Kody's on Mountain Road. the same people showed up each time we switched venues!! So I am thinking the looky loos will be outta luck..... probably not all the same, but you have the same people the other night I went out with friends, it was like we were on a pub crawl..

James has live Jazz and Funk 2 or 3 times a week..Sasha's has a GREAT live blues combo on Saturday nights. The Old Triangle is a good pick if you like the Irish Pub style.See also Timeline of Moncton history or List of entertainment events in Greater Moncton This article details the history of Moncton, a city in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.Moncton's motto is Resurgo, which is Latin for I rise again. Moncton downtown that want to call it a main streetin a town.....lollets toss it out with the french safe and call it a night! Girls, if any of you go out tonight, take this guy along! Voodoo is ok ( have not been there in so long)Sasha's & Rouge are pretty good hang outs but more of a foody crowd. That's not my lifestyle but there is nothing wrong with that! There was alot said on the radio call in show about the idea of this place opening in Moncton but one caller laid alot of the grey area open to the light of day when he said it is only open to members..... You know I think when you hit 30 and over the whole bar thing just is old, you might want to go out once in awhile to a bar, but really they are all pretty equally the same. Bars are NOT all the same in my humble yet respectful opinion. I'm curious enough about that whole thing to want to check it out, just for the spectacle of it. I can't get any of my friends to go with me though and besides, you need a membership I hear. Have a good time if you go and PLEASE don't send any postcards! I am betting that once you mentioned the new "swingers" club in Moncton you got atleast....ummmm....10 emails from people who THOUGHT you may be a member already........The city has since rebounded due to growth in the light manufacturing, technology, distribution, tourism, and retail sectors of the economy and is now the fastest growing city in Canada east of Toronto.


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