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In contrast, the other woman have large sagging breasts, swinging from side to side as she walks.Both have chosen to emphasize their body form with their hairstyle: the woman with large breasts have long, dark hair, set in a pony tail, while the flat-chested woman have short, crew-cut red hair.I smile back to her, but now she is looking out the window again.

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Then I notice Monica is letting out a sigh and then she leans against me and immediately notice my throbbing cock. I stare fascinated at her finger spreading her cunt lips and sliding around the wet folds.Monica asks me if I would go to the park for lunch and I happily agree.We buy a sandwich at the small café at the entrance of the park and find a place where we can sit in the shadows beneath the trees to avoid the midday heat.Both have carefully trimmed hair around their pussies.Further down the street I can see a man running towards me in a casual jogging style indicating that he is doing his morning exercise. As I reach the bus stop I see other people waiting, some of them chattering with each other.I can feel the fresh and mild morning breeze against my skin as I walk the final few steps before hitting the sidewalk.


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