Myspace spam dating friends

We asked people who built their careers on the Internet to tell us the stories of the first friends they made online.Now we want to hear from you: Who was the first friend you made online?We eventually met in real life, because she came to my town to go to a concert with me and some other online friends — thus proving to my parents that I had friends. Ted Leonsis, chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment and former AOL executive (who sent the company’s first instant message): For more than 15 years, I have had an online friendship with Big Ken Holden, whom I met through Best Buddies, an organization that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.Ken and I met via email and quickly developed a friendship online that would not have been possible without technology.Since the board was local, there were frequently meet-ups at bowling alleys or at some random hacker’s house. It was there that I connected with Jamie in Canada, whose chat handle indicated she was also a huge fan of the 1990s Brit electronica group Prodigy.

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And even if that control was limited to pixels and profile themes made from crude HTML, I was drunk on the power.

It was in 1995, and we arranged to do a business deal in a parking lot at King’s supermarket in Summit, New Jersey. Alex Laughlin, social media journalist at The Washington Post: In 2006, I was addicted to My Space.

I gave him 0 and ripped him off, getting ,000 worth of rare LJN wrestling figures from the 1980’s; then I flipped them. I would rush home from school and spend the evening listening to Dashboard Confessional in my basement bedroom while I tapped around this new ecosystem I’d discovered.

She will always remain one of my most cherished friendships.

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vayner Media: This is so nerdy.


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