Non goth dating goth

In the Lady of the Manners experience, almost ALL the goths in stable, happy relationships are involved with someone who isn’t a goth. Just because someone doesn’t wear eyeliner and black velvet or PVC clothes, doesn’t make them unfit for romance.By dating a non-goth, there is so much more to find out about a person; you can spend oodles of time explaining and exploring each other’s worlds.Do they interest you and make your heart beat faster? Well, the Lady of the Manners thinks that takes care of that.

The best example the Lady of the Manners can give is her and her husband’s relationship.

As the Lady of the Manners has said before, Trust Me, the Lady of the Manners Knows Of What She Speaks.

*wink* The cool thing is, if you do decide to explore the gothic subculture, you have your very own guide by your side to explain things and (hopefully) help you avoid making any of the usual newbie mistakes (plastic capes and vampire teeth, really bad black eye makeup, going up to the dj at the club and requesting Sisters Of Mercy because you didn’t know that the song they played not 10 minutes ago was by SOM…those sorts of things.) Now, on the flip side, can a goth be happy and find True Love with a non-goth?

The Lady of the Manners refused to get rid of my collection of stuffed animals just because Mr. All those little niggling bits of discontent eventually added up to part of a greater dissatisfaction that led the Lady of the Manners, along with some other concerns, to end the relationship.

Now, the Lady of the Manners knows that not every relationship out there between two goths is like that.


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