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There are beaches all around the UK coast where naturism is officially sanctioned (not that going nude is illegal on non-naturist beaches, but you do have to exercise caution here).

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That she along with several others at her work would be tossing all their clothes and start working completely in the nude.

It’s your body, and it’s the only one you’ve got – learn to love it for what it is.

Once you feel ready to join others, there are a host of places in the UK, for starters – see the Club Guide for a comprehensive listing.

For many naturists, going nude is accompanied by a greater attention to healthy living and being in harmony with the natural environment. ), though, is that being without clothing can be a liberating experience, and there is nothing harmful, shameful or embarrassing about the naked body. Once you are among like-minded company (for example, at a naturist club or on a naturist beach), you will soon find that, although we are all different, we are all the same too in that very few of us are perfect.

Lumps, bumps, wrinkles and scars are what make us normal human beings, and naturism is all about body acceptance.


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