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With the incredible surge in popularity of online dating since its inception, countless niche communities have popped up.Clown Dating.com, for instance, is a singles community for professional clowns, aspirational clowns, or people who just find clowns sexy.But after navigating the minefield of online dating, this independent and successful young woman has begun to suspect that walking, even if it means physical discomfort, might make her love life go more smoothly.Because of disability trolling, some people may hesitate to disclose their differences right away.

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Unlike Woodward, who feels the Internet can bring out more negative in people than positive, Carlson thinks online dating is actually a better, less scary way for guys to approach her.

Woodward chronicles these reactions on her blog “Step Funny Right Now.”Some of the first-time messages she’s received from guys on OKCupid:“…Are you handicapped cause in half the pics your [sic] standing and the others your [sic] not so I’m confused.”“Hello there. ”For people like Woodward who look different than the norm, these kinds of awkward first-liners are a fact of life.

A day running errands in public can involve multiple strangers asking invasive questions about her body and her abilities.

For people who’ve never interacted with a wheelchair user, the first time can be intimidating (especially if you don’t know proper etiquette).

Exchanging a few flirtatious messages online, though, paves the way for a smooth first date.


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