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Once you establish that what you’re in is indeed a flirtationship and not a bona fide crush, you can sleep easy knowing that you’ll never have to wonder if he’ll give you your dream proposal or if he’d really be a good person to have kids with.

Head to the world-famous Surfer’s Paradise and catch a wave or two, or grab a drink at Titanium Bar, which overlooks that awe-inspiring Surfer’s waterfront.

Yeah, you get a little bit of a rush every time your “partner’s” name pops up on your phone, but you also don’t spend your nights wondering if their delayed responses are caused by them spending their time texting someone else.

Flirtationships give you all the good feelings that come with having a crush without all the bad feelings and potential heartbreak. As nice as it is to have a steady relationship with someone you really care about, let’s be honest here: all of us occasionally get the itch to make out with someone else.

What makes a flirtationship different from a traditional crush is that most of the time, flirtationships have no potential of turning into relationships.

They might develop between you and a much older coworker, your personal trainer or anyone else with whom you share a mutual attraction but would never actually date.


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