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looked at the issuance of data integrity guidance documents by four of the world’s leading regulatory agencies.

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Since the complexity of many applications leave far too many places for bad data to hide, the following recommendations will help speed the recovery process.A cross-functional team’s purpose is to ensure that data integrity approaches are included or continue to be a focus used in methods and processes throughout the organization.These teams can help establish internal expertise by organizing and gaining support for data integrity subject matter experts to be embedded in functional groups and on product lines.However, the objectives must be to transfer outside expertise and knowledge to experts in-house and move toward a company culture embracing data integrity governance.Organizations should avoid completely outsourcing a data integrity governance program to a third party vendor, which would indicate the company is not taking ownership of its own records.For integrations, testing will help determined whether the appropriate triggering mechanism (create/update/delete) is being used and how often the data should be transferred (immediately, nightly, weekly, etc.)Quality of Data Even with the best of plans and documentation, the quality of the data can significantly affect your risk.


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