It may be harder to find them, but there’s some nice girls out there. Well, long story short, I’ve found I’m generally happier in a relationship.

Often they’re not the hottest ones out there, but you’ll come across some if you meet a range of Pinays.They can be the most loving / happy people, but also the most needy / clingy.Even though this can be a bad combination to make long term plans over, I wouldn’t write them all off, and for many guys it might be the best thing out there.So, you might not even want either of them in the long run. I consider good girls to be those who live a responsible life, are selfless and considerate of others.Usually it becomes apparent quickly if you’re dealing with someone who is shy to accept big favors and happy to give their kindness freely, or someone entitled and expecting constant maintenance.I’ve been with the same girl for over a year, and she takes care of all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and we have a lot of fun together.


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