Polish dating hearts

Made by two streamers and game dev enthusiasts: Outstar, ex-CD Projekt Red (Witcher 3), The House of Fables (Eventide) and Memoriesin8bit (Tower of Guns, DXX-Rebirth).

We aimed for using funny premise to create a story-rich game with various paths and numerous choices to be made.

If Poland chooses to join the Axis it has the potential to destroy the USSR.

If Poland decides to join the Comintern it will be able to knock out Germany very early on, this is however not recommended as in the current version of the game if the USSR finishes the "Claim Eastern Poland" national focus half of Poland will be given to the Soviet Union This effect can also happen if Poland joins the axis and Germany takes the "Molotov Ribbentrop Pact" focus.

Due largely to limited economic resources, Poland was unable to keep pace with the intense armament efforts of its neighbors.

After the war, a German officer remarked that had the allies pressed their offensive then, Germany could only have held out for a few weeks.

The last divisions of the Polish Army capitulated after a month, on the 6th of October; but the Polish Government never officially surrendered.

Arguably, the idea of returning to that former glory is part of the national consciousness, especially in the newly re-instituted second republic of the early 20th century).

The Polish Navy (Marynarka Wojenna) is almost nonexistent.


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