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In each case, the context of study—which is necessary for the elaboration of this study—is determined ex post by the study itself. The purpose of this article is not, however, to offer a critique of such analyses, whose immense heuristic value I fully recognize (it is difficult to discuss the night-sky without first breaking it up into constellations) and whose methodological subtlety I cannot do justice to here.Nonetheless, the article takes a different approach to pragmatic analysis by explicitly renouncing the appeal to a particular context.Particular attention is paid to the epistemological constraints present at different points in the story, as well as to the ways in which the protagonists actively unsettle and opacify social interactions so as to further their social ends.I thereby suggest that such interactional uncertainty is not merely something to be worked around, but rather something that people work with.It then proceeds to pick out the formal properties of particular contexts, or the strategies deployed by various actors in such contexts, and uses these as a means of mapping and interpreting interactions that straddle and encompass multiple social and conceptual scales, rather than merely oscillating between the social macro and the individual micro.So, in the case of The rules, the context of flirtation displays certain characteristics and these require actors to use strategies that cast them in a particular light by virtue of their appeal to abstract orders of value: “If she snubs my phone call, that must mean she is a modest woman who would make an ideal wife—I shall pursue her all the harder.” In this example, as for more academic forms of pragmatism, perhaps the key methodological question is how to identify or define the context to be explored.My plane landed in Marrakesh shortly after five o’clock and I caught a bus to the city center, alighting at the main square in the old town—the Jâmi’ Unâ’, famous for its food-stalls, musicians, traditional storytellers, and, more recently, terrorist bombings.I found a table on one of the café terraces, ordered a “half-and-half” coffee and set to calling various friends and acquaintances.

Boltanski’s (2009a) recent analysis of that slippery sociological object, the institution, concludes that the ambiguity he identifies as its chief characteristic can be attributed to the fact that it exists in a perpetual oscillation between instantiation and reification, and, at the same time, this oscillation constitutes the very definition of what an institution is.First on the list was Hicham, a nurse from Beni Mellal, who now worked in the mountains around Azilal, three hours by coach from Marrakesh.To my surprise, he responded to my greetings by asking where I was in Marrakesh and then precisely which café I was sat at.And one problem with exploring the development of a flirtatious affair in Morocco is that it is uncommonly hard to have access to both sides of the story—at least for heterosexual encounters.Above all, I do not wish to elaborate a one-eyed and androcentric ideal-type of what is, without doubt, a highly asymmetrical relationship.Uncertainty, it suggests, is not merely a social obstacle, but also a social tool.


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