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She’s funny as hell and her comebacks are legendary.

The most beautiful thing about Adele is that she has her priorities straight.

She checks her phone only once—to make sure her son is napping—and we talk for over two hours. I’m telling you, we’ll find out in 25 years.”We order no alcoholic beverages.

We discuss her show and how she manages to make an arena seem intimate. but no one is actually looking at the world—they’re on their phones all the time. She says she used to be a “massive drinker,” but since her vocal surgery and the birth of her son, she stopped smoking and now might have two glasses of wine a week.

I don’t think anyone should be famous for going to a grocery store or a playground.” She tells me that, when she first got famous, people in her family sold stories about her, and friends from childhood sold photos.

She graduated from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006 and was quickly “discovered” from a demo on My Space and signed at the age of 18 to the British alternative label XL.

At that same time, she made her management deal with Dickins—who comes from a British music-business family—and they’ve been a team ever since.

Rose- and Baies-scented candles are lit, and there’s a full makeup table in another corner. I don’t come from money; it’s not that important a part of my life.

She says we have 20 more minutes to talk, then she has to do her sound check for 10 minutes, then vocal warm-ups for another 10, then we can talk again while she’s having her makeup done. She admits she’s always been in full control and comfortable in her skin. I come from a very big family of a lot of women who did everything on their own.” (Later, her manager, Jonathan Dickins—the only person she says she completely trusts besides her boyfriend—tells me, “I met her when she lived [in London’s Brixton] above a convenience store, next to a gas station, and she would walk into a room and not give a fuck if she was speaking to the janitor or the head of the record label. Obviously I have nice things, and I live in a nicer area than I grew up in.


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