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It works - they enjoy a steamy romp, only to be interrupted by Fisher herself the next morning. Arnett was giving Miranda Hobbs her 'best first date in history' in season two of SATC.But his kinky obsession with having risky sex in public places soon became a little too much for Miranda to handle and their brief fling ended with both of them getting caught pants down (by his mother, who happened to walk in on them). If you cast your mind back to 2000, her 13-year-old character was Jenny Brier, the rich, bratty and precocious teenager who hired Samantha to plan her bat mitzvah and shocked the entire group with her disturbingly blunt sex chat. Duchovony decided to dabble in an decidedly different genre.Playing an OTT version of himself, a handsome Mc Conaughey met an excited Carrie to discuss turning her column into a movie.

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"You are calling Sweden," said an automated voice as I got patched through. I learned all this after some awkward introductions. I asked him several questions about Sweden that probably seemed about as culturally savvy as asking an American if everyone loves apple pie. The other three were a Dutch person, a Turkish person, and a Trump supporter from New Jersey who allegedly opened the conversation by asking Daniel how he felt about a made-up sexual assault statistic.

Fun fact: It was the Oscar-nominee's first ever on-screen role.

Hands down one of the most memorable celebrity cameos of them all, the Gold actor's SATC guest appearance in season three was pretty genius.

But as it happens, the SATC set was kind of the place to be when it came to unexpected celebrity cameos.

So the next time you're re-watching your favourite retro episodes back-to-back on NOW TV, keep your eyes peeled for these very famous faces.


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