Rapper eve dating a white man

Eve believes the media coverage of her love life is disproportionate because she’s a black woman dating a white man.

into someone is when you can be comfortable with them in your most natural state — whatever that means to you.

The woman emcee, whose new album "Lip Lock" is in stores now, clarifies her color blind statement in a video interview with the Grio and says she’s in disbelief that the topic of interracial dating is even relevant to the public.

Rapper and actress Eve recently made headlines for her comments about wanting her future children with her Caucasian boyfriend Maximillion Cooper to be raised “colorblind,” which were met with some criticism from fans and critics online. I never did,” said 34-year-old Philly native said in an interview with Vibe Vixen.

And as a millionaire, I hope he’s chipping in on those salon visits…

The Who's that Girl hitmaker, who hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, met Cooper in London at the Gumball 3000 rally, which he founded in 1999, and they later went public with their romance.

‘I guess we’re staying together.'” “I was actually getting my hair done,” she told the hosts. Eve has always been a chameleon when it comes to hair.

The original headline on this post spelled Maximillion Cooper's first name incorrectly as Maximilian.

The Let Me Blow Ya Mind star has been in a relationship with English businessman and founder of the Gumball 3000 brand, Max Cooper for three years.

Though she says things are “totally fine” now, she admits that she initially received a barrage of hateful comments when people discovered she was in an interracial relationship.“When people found out I was with a White dude, some people really came at me on Twitter,” Eve said.

The city she was born in, paw-print tattoos on her chest, the fact that she’s Black, and a whole bunch of other meaningless factors made it hard for people to believe that Cooper would want to marry her.

Motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and apparent relationship expert Dr. Nonetheless, 50 percent of those polled (close to 5,000 people) agreed that a Black woman marrying a White man bothers Black men.


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