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Speaking of marijuana, it sends another confusing message. It's obviously one of the very drugs to which kids should "say no." No question. What gets confusing is it seems like the drug users have the biggest mouths.

They like to talk a lot about their drug use - as if it were something to brag about!

The PDV was greater in control vs intervention students (9.8% vs 7.4%; adjusted odds ratio, 2.42; 95% confidence interval, 1.00-6.02; P = .05).

A significant group × sex interaction effect indicated that the intervention effect was greater in boys (PDV: 7.1% in controls vs 2.7% in intervention students) than in girls (12.1% vs 11.9%).

The wide use of alcohol and tobacco chips away a little piece of a kid's "just say no" armor. The fact is that 80% of people aged 12-18 don't use marijuana and don't think it's okay to use marijuana.

He might ask himself: If alcohol and tobacco are okay, why isn't marijuana okay? In fact, 72% of youth aged 12-17 have never used illicit drugs in their lifetimes.

Except where otherwise stated, drug dosages and recommendations are for the non-pregnant adult who is not breastfeeding.

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involves 10 classroom sessions designed to shift adolescent gender-based expectations and behavior and is one of very few school-based programs that have shown reductions in PDV longitudinally.

We sought to expand these efforts by integrating 21 lessons into the grade 9 curriculum to be taught by classroom teachers that meet the curriculum requirements, provide academic credit for participants, and provide a more sustainable and less expensive strategy compared with programs delivered by nonteachers.

Main effects for secondary outcomes were not statistically significant; however, sex × group analyses showed a significant difference in condom use in sexually active boys who received the intervention (114 of 168; 67.9%) vs controls (65 of 111 [58.6%]) (P Given these findings and the importance of reducing the cycle of violence, efforts to educate high school students about healthy dating relationship behaviors and ways to avoid or reduce PDV and associated risks are strongly recommended.

Adolescent dating violence is linked to numerous individual, peer, family, and sociocultural risk factors, which makes identification and treatment on the basis of individual risk factors nonfeasible and prevention more fitting.


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