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Apparently the leather pants, cowboy hats and wife beater-exposing-chest hair look of the band was deemed a bit unorthodox for Fishbones, earning them a few stares from other clientele.

Thoroughly fueled on alligator, the band headed back to the Music Menu and torched up the stage, blowing away the rather tame 30-something office crowd — who eventually loosened up and took the opportunity to shake some booty and do some really bad drunken swing dancing (names of the guilty parties withheld to protect their reputations).

Sitting front-and-center and plowing their way through several pitchers of Ghetto Blaster were Popeye (who forgot his spinach) and the originators of Spag, Lisa Wright and Kelly Joseph, formerly of the Labyrinth.

Due to irreconcilable differences, Wright and Joseph have left the Lab and are looking to open up their own venue.

This particular below-the-belt match breaks down like this: Manore, who is managing the Lanternjack, approached Haberman about the band doing an opening slot for Hemigod at the Bag.

Haberman responded with an edgy e-mail, questioning whether the Lanternjack could pull in a crowd, and indicating he’d heard Manore’s boys had behaved in a less-than-civilized manner on occasion.

To celebrate, Del threw a big party at the new venue for his regular Sunday night Swing-A-Billy gig; once housed at the Blind Pig, the night has now been moved to the Elbow Room, a cozy little dive in downtown Ypsi.

Music Menu owners Rick Pinkerton and Gordon Novak generously shared some of their dee-lish birthday cake, as Rick was the birthday boy for the evening. Oh, and "Lonely_Chick" — BAD choice for username. Personally, I avoid women who have "princess" in their usernames — probably too much work.The Lanternjack still has a drummer who wears a goat head. Now on to the good stuff: Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner, at 6-feet 2-inches and 200 pounds, an aggressive promoter of bands, the former guru of CPop, and all around oddball, Rick “My Name Isn’t Manure, Damnit” Manore.His opponent, Magic Bag owner Jeremy “No Rock Stars Allowed” Haberman.Check her out in context of time at @harvelleslb on November 16th!


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