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Fans of the Hellboy comic books might enjoy seeing favorite characters and situations brought to life, but the movie is just too uneven to be anything but sporadically enjoyable by anyone else.Hellboy could work if it maintained a consistent tone.With the prevalence of CGI in today’s cinema it is nice to see actual make-up being used so creatively.The make-up for both Hellboy and Abe took four hours to apply each day before filming could begin.The result was clearly worth the effort as both characters have a realistic look that you just couldn’t achieve with computer effects alone.Despite some inappropriate melodrama, this movie does have its share of laughs.Hellboy may be nearly indestructible but since he still feels pain the brutal action scenes have a real tension. At times he looks like a film noir demon prowling the city streets at night in his trench coat and at others he is sort of like a Bizarro World Arnold Schwarzenegger action hero from the 80s.As Eric mentioned he also has a softer, romantic side.

is an interesting and entertaining lead character (thankfully they got a better script and a more consistent comedic tone for the sequel), which I had seen before watching this original installment in the franchise.

Together they fight a secret battle against the forces of evil, or as Professor Broom puts it, "There are things that go bump in the night.

We're the ones who bump back." Inevitably Rasputin returns with plans to destroy the world, and naturally its up to Hellboy and Co. The movie contains a distinct and attractive visual style.

Murder and death happen all the time in this movie but the lighter moments, such as the talking corpse, destroy much of the tension. The best thing about this movie is the character of Hellboy.

Hellboy is apparently invulnerable so all that you get from his fight scenes are humor. Is Liz in love with Hellboy or is she just playing hard to get? He is unafraid of monsters of any size, yet he is scared to confess his feelings to the woman he loves.


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