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In order to be able to send us your project, you have to open a new support ticket.Kind regards, Martin Vasilev the Telerik team Registration for Q1 2011 What’s New Webinar Week is now open. ASPx Data Deleting Event Args e) Row Deleted事件的声明原型: void ASPx Grid View1_Row Deleted(object sender, Dev Express. ASPx Data Deleted Event Args e) 可以在此事件中获取删除时出现的异常并按自己的方法处理异常,或记录成功删除的行数。 Dev Express. Apply Filter(filter Expr); 会自动清除之前的过滤条件。 (3)调用Clear Filter清除过滤条件 语法:function Clear Filter(); 十二、 服务端数据搜索 1.数据过滤 (1)调用Auto Filter By Column()方法可以实现服务端数据过滤。 Auto Filter By Column语法:void Auto Filter By Column(Grid View Column column,string value) 参数说明: column:要过滤的栏位 value:要过滤的栏位值。可以使用通配符。 例:数据过滤 protected void btn Server Filter_Click(object sender, Event Args e) (2)通过设置过滤工具条让用户自行输入条件过滤数据 this. We have an Entity Server Mode Data Source control, which is bound to the Data Source ID property. 使用Get Row Key取行主键值 35 二十二、 服务器端栏位取值与赋值 35 1.取行值 35 2.取列值 36 二十三、 栏位编辑风格 38 1.

ASPx Data Deleting Event Args属性: Cancel:bool,是否取消删除。可读写。 Keys: Ordered Dictionary,要删除行的主键栏位值。只读。 Values: Ordered Dictionary,要删除行的非主键(实际上是所有栏位)栏位值。只读。 例: //删除行前事件 protected void ASPx Grid View1_Row Deleting(object sender, Dev Express.

I'm changing the value of the Shale Play field and the Row Validating event is firing as expected. Note that that might be different than, for instance, the name of the column in your database (depending on how your Grid View is populated).

EDIT: Markup: Where "Bind Grid" above is whatever process / method / code you use to bind data to your aspx Grid View. "Shale Play" is not the name of the field in the datasource that's populating your Grid View.

Hi Ruth Goldberg, Thank you for the additional details.

I have tested the Row Validated event once again and it is thrown as expected when Rad Grid View loses focus.


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