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He started acting in Taiwanese TV dramas at age of 21, appearing in "You Jian Ju Hua Xiang", "Original Scent of Summer" and "Starry Starry Night". The last series also meant the launch of Qiu Ze's singing career: he recorded three songs from the series. Last year, rumors of a breakup arose when it was reported that Tiffany’s mother was unsatisfied with Roy’s inferior educational background and that Tiffany had transferred her affections to her costar Luo Jin (羅晉).Although Tiffany scoffed at these claims, reporters showed no signs of relenting.Roy’s Response The Weibo post was taken down soon afterward, but not before arousing a great deal of discussion. Thank you for your attention and blessings, thank you.” In an interview, Roy’s manager Liao Tianjun (廖天駿) confirmed that Roy and Tiffany had ended their relationship three months ago, adding that the breakup was due to their inability to maintain a long-distance relationship.In the end, Roy also took to Weibo to respond: “To me, love is not a performance. Even if you no longer have any feelings toward those beautiful memories, I will still choose to believe that they existed. Liao found the Weibo post suspicious: “In the entire world, only one person should have access to this photo. ” Source: This article is written by Joanna for Jayne Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

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Roy and Tang Tang have never admitted dating so this statement doesn’t strike me as confirming the relationship is kaput.The assistant is furious at Roy for stating that he’s single and hasn’t seen Tang Tang in 7 months.The assistant asked why he was blatantly lying, wondering then who flew to Taiwan specifically for his birthday and was by his side to blow out the candles?In the picture, Tiffany was not wearing makeup, and her bangs were clipped back.She also appeared to be wearing a men’s shirt, causing some netizens to ask if the photograph was taken at Roy’s house.He didn’t have any time off but his Taiwanese friends did so he texted folks and some happily came to visit him.


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