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Valid values are, LINE, LINEn (where n represents the thickness of the line in pixels), AREA or STACK.

method, refer to the example scripts that are bundled with this module in the examples/ directory. , if it exists, otherwise it will default to 0 (boolean false).

DMT TPS-TC: ATM Mode Trellis: ON Line Status: No Defect Training Status: Showtime Down Up SNR (d B): 21.4 12.0 Attn(d B): 26.0 15.0 Pwr(d Bm): 5.0 2.9 spawn telnet Trying

(it should be noted you can also just use rrdupdate) followed by the RRD filename and an update string that starts with the timestamp of these values (as with create, you can use "N" to mean "Now"), and is followed by a list of colon separated values.

Hourly, 6 hourly, 12 hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annual and 3year graphs will be created if there is enough data in the RRD file to accomodate them.

The image filenames will start with either the basename of the RRD file, or whatever is specified by the .

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parameter is option and is only used what automatically adding a new data source to an existing RRD file.See the section regrading DSTs at for further information.RRD:: Simple will croak and die if you try to create an RRD file that already exists. Specifying this value will determine the date and time that your data point values will be stored against in the RRD file.This method will render one or more graph images that show the data in the RRD file.The number of image files that are created depends on the retention period of the RRD file.parameter is an optional list of periods that graphs should be generated for.


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