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@ Added buoyancy=1 to Tochka @ Added some missing ma GAZine to virtual Ammo ^ Tweaked amphibious parameters for all tracked vehicles ^ Field Cap EMR Summer (Alt) moved slightly to the right, to fix clipping against the head mesh ^ Adapted AK-74M textures to 100 series rifles.We believe a Russian personals service can give you the best chance to meet the perfect partner you are looking for.Its definitely more fun than just using a marriage agency to set you up with someone.^ Lots of missing stringtables added ^ Added tail_decals section to Su-25 ^ Added VG/Eden texture Sources for ZSU ^ Changed Ural plate number font ^ Improved 122mm casing behaviour ^ Tweaked D30 packing script ^ Added hand anims for D30 handles ^ Replaced get Random Ar Element function with select Random introduced in 1.56 ^ Tigr-STS & M has now TFAR LR radio ^ Makarov PM holster Pointer Slot ^ Makarov rvmat ^ Changed 57-N-323S penetration ^ Modified Ural & GAZ-66 physx lods ^ GSh-23L burst set to 4 ^ Tweaked Ural phyxs lod ^ Script optimizations ^ Improved crates textures (black shadows removed from the bottom) & physx lods ^ Improved weapon scripts ^ Improved script handling after loading game ^ Weapon safe mode system framework ^ Tweaked two handed AK anim (used now as a placeholder on SVD - at least sound & anims are synced) ^ Tweaked SVD reload anims ^ tweaked AS-VAL & VSS fire selector anims ^ Improved ma GAZine movement during reload anim for PM, PMM & PYa ^ Increased BMP track armor ^ Tweaked Tigr STS turret handling ^ Added reloaded event handler which removes spent ma GAZines from Tigr (works with 1.57 , doesn't cause problems on stable) ^ Added placeable ma GAZines ^ Added ground ma GAZine models for PYa, PM & PMM ma GAZines ^ Adjusted vest positions to fit uniforms better ^ Tweaked PKP/PKM & SVD hand anim (wrists position) ^ Aligned PAK-FA MFD ^ New anims for PAK-FA & SU-25 pilot ^ Improved performance of PAK-FA scripts (initialzation/handling) ^ Increased pip windows resolution in PAK-FA pilot view (map & mirrors are now sharper) ^ RHS_fnc_fired Saclos now uses cursor Object command ^ Improved SSH specular map ^ Increased lethality of R77/R74 AA missiles by simplyfing their geometries & adding autocenter=0 param ^ Updated destruction textures for ZSU-23-4 & BTR-60 ^ Added honor emblem on IR lamp for T-72 Obr.84-89 ^ Improved nuke script fx & stability ^ Added some monitor elements to Ka-52 ^ Some preparation for Ka-52 eject system ^ Tweaked Ka-52 & Mi-24 speed ^ Tweaked Vikhr missile stability ^ Added door anims to Ural/UAZ Eden attributes ^ Replaced animate with animate Source (1.58 required) ^ Some scripts optimizations ^ Tweaked ballistic calculations ^ Added 9M112M2 & 9M124 ATGMs cfgs ^ Added Russian federation ground forces honor emblem ^ Improved snorkel script performance ^ Overall script performance tweaks ^ Added honor emblem to T-80U on IR lamp ^ Reduced secondary explosion for Tigrs ^ Improved autotrack adjustments & replaced line Intersect with check Visibility command ^ Various small adjustments to Ka-52 scripts ^ Converted Vikhr guidance script to per frame solution ^ Safemode & PSO-1 script now properly deinitalize after embarking vehicles ^ Tweaks to Tigr-STS weapon changing script ^ Added AKS-74U to armored crewmen ^ Added ability to hide commander NSVT on T-80U tanks ^ Another round of safemode improvements ^ Added hidden Selections to balaclavas ^ Renamed Su-25SM to Su-25 to better represent current model available in game ^ Removed pilot twitching/leaning in ejection seats ^ Stringstable entries for Gorka and Izlom ^ Added main & tail rotor centers to Mi-8 - enabling rotor breaking upon collision ^ Decal related variables used in Eden are no longer synchronized ^ RPG-26 & RSh G-2 can now be packed to bag pack ^ Reduced proxy amount on T-72 Obr.85 ^ Changed behavior or Ka-52 blades physic ^ Added AK-104 & 105 as placeable object ^ Khaki gear updates ^ Increased Vikhr HE effect ^ Optimized BMPs resolution lods ^ Renamed BMP-2 (e) to BMP-2 (obr. 1986g.) ^ Tweaked Su-25 MFD ^ Tweaked cargo anims for Ural & GAZ-66 - no more rifles clipping through the roof ^ Tweaked Malyutka res lods ^ Added cap disappearing effect to BMP-2 ATGM ^ Callibrated RPG-26 & RSh G-2 ironsights ^ Randomized static cargo anims & incorporated some il padrino poses to BMPs ^ Added RPG backpack with only VL rounds ^ Added spiral movement to tank ATGM ^ Tweaked Metis reload anims ^ Revamped AT-14 cover ejection script ^ Tweaked 6B13 weight ^ Tweaked 1P63 reticle illumination ^ Added spent cap effect to Metis & Kornet ^ Auto track can now lock on all vehicles by default so it's possible to lock & fire tank ATGM at slow flying helicopters ^ Beanie stringtables added ^ Ballistic data correct for soft headwear in VA ^ Tweaked init Speeds of GSh autocannons ^ Calibrated PP61AM (merge from GREF) ^ Mi-24P Gsh-30-2K camera shake ^ SU-25 Gsh-30-2 camera shake ^ Ka-52 2A42 camera shake ^ Added gun limits for BTRs ^ Added antenna anim for BTR-60 ^ Calibrated & added AA markings for 1PZ32 sight on BTR-80 ^ Fold script improvement ^ Optimized T-80U series resolution lods ^ Changed gunner & commander get in memory points position for T-80 series ^ Improved T-80U series firegeometry - new ERA hitpoints & geometry improvments ^ T-80U & T-80A commander can now use binoculars when turned out ^ Tweaked BMP-3 FG & hitpoints ^ Added one nonpip window for BMP-3 driver @ Fixed BMP-2 turret emblems visibility (still needs tweaking) @ Fixed broken PGS-64 shadow @ Fixed gap in T-72B3, T-90 & T-90A FG @ Fixed SACLOS guidance not working on Cherno & other a2 maps @ 9M113 shadow selection @ Kornet vehicle now uses Kornet launcher and mags @ Replaced Ai A TP cfg names with generic, A2 origin ones @ Fixed AGS-30 dissapering in 2nd res lod @ Fixed PSO script that was broken once again @ Fixed Gorka's wound textures @ Fixed GAZ-66 R142 alpha sorting in res lods @ Fixed BRM-1K wrong inheritance in @ PAK-FA pilot anim is now properly looped proper death anim added @ Holdster anim of UPK-23 pod caused errors with Ka-52 @ Added missing mass to PM, PYa & PP2000 @ Removed laser lock from FAB-250 bombs @ Some FCS were missing max lase range tweaked minimum lase range for few others @ BMD-2 had some missing decals due to alpha sorting @ Fixed ZSU-23-4 disappearing hatch after destruction @ Fixed BMP getin order @ Added missing max Zeroing param to PK & SVD @ T-80 ammo slot missing @ Fixed cfg Patches for rhs_c_airweapons/@ Fixed rhs_weap_902a-Mode_Burst, by rhsafrf\addons\rhs_sounds\config.bin/Cfg Weapons/rhs_weap_902b/Double/ @ Spare wheel alpha sorting in cargo lod @ Fixed Mi-24 & Ka-52 blade destruction upon impact - missing proper blade center memory points @ BMP-3 used wrong ballistic calculator @ Fixed not all decals visible on T-80B series @ Mi8MT & MTV-3 crew fans not changing to blurred version @ Fixed serious flaw in BMP-3 gunner/commander pip handler causing fps drop @ Changed uvsource in rvmats from "tex1" to "tex" @ AKM normals green chnl fix @ Fixed "[weapon rhs_weap_akms]: item[rhs_acc_dtk] does not match to this weapon!


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    As well as matching you with potential partners, it gives a real insight into how you behave in relationships, and what really makes relationships work. When using the site, members can only communicate through Parship’s anonymous contact and messaging system.

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    So I won't know for sure yet, but the CC did instruct me also NOT to agree to or sign anything, the company was only doing that for strong arm tactics and intimidation and that isn't happening.