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Both of us found this intriguing: What kind of new-to-the-city hotties would be buying corporate food and looking for lust in the aisles? The place was jammed with couples, and not the kind we might find on Craigslist Casual Encounters: "Safeway M-F seeking F-F for four-way in frozen goods." South Beach was a bomb for babes.

Perhaps it was the conditions, the timing or the control level of the experiment.

A laboratory where you can experiment with what makes you feel safe and feel good. But at the very least, you’ll have a great time, and leave feeling relaxed and inspired. ( Private one-on-one snuggle sessions with trained Snuggle Partners. You can watch a movie cuddled up on the couch, you can snuggle while you: talk about your day, or listen to music, or read a book together, or tell jokes, or take a nap together, or bring a blanket and head for the beach.

This playful, fun workshop has been a place for people to rediscover non-sexual touch and affection, a space to reframe assumptions about men and women, and a great networking event to meet new friends, roommates, business partners and significant others. The point is to share simple human affection: a hug, a snuggle, holding hands, giving each other a shoulder massage, or a foot rub.

One thing's for sure: What they say about the Marina Safeway is real.

And I'll bet their security cameras are fun to watch.

By the time they caught her staying at a luxury beachside resort in Santa Barbara late last month she had racked up losses of 0,000 in that case alone.

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Will Demi be the first good girl to crack or will there first be a Miley Cyrus celebrity sex tape or a Selena Gomez sex tape?But when Michelle and I made it to the wine section, we knew the game was up.Maybe Market Safeway was a fluorescent proto-brothel for the boys, but unless we wanted jobs there, the closest we were coming to getting a phone number and playing "hide the salami" was to read the 800 number off a Columbus Cured Meats package (deli aisle) and then lose the bag in the car. The Marina Safeway had such cute boys in the parking lot, we almost popped our cork (the wine) and stayed a while.But the plan beckoned; we had to take the experiment to the limits. It was eerie how sexually charged the atmosphere was.This Safeway is across the street from a 24 Hour Fitness gym, so it's no surprise that it had earned a reputation as a sexually charged, straight singles' spot -- and kept it. Suddenly, we weren't dorks with striped socks and way too many condoms and bananas and tubs of cupcake frosting in our shopping baskets -- we were the hunted.Which is how I found myself first at the Castro Safeway, with a basket of Desperate Housewives sex toys, staring at Cherry Pop-Tarts and feeling about the same.


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