Satoshi tsumabuki thread dating Sexsdate 24

Rewatching these CFs just confirms that I can watch these four say “shu” (the noise that hairspray makes) and primp all day long. * "Shuukan Josei" reported that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (20) and SEKAI NO OWARI's vocalist Satoshi Fukase (28) went on a 'date' as they watched fireworks together on June 1 in Kanagawa Prefecture's Zushi city.Such lofty aims are made possible by a set of uniformly excellent performances from the cast, all of whom really bring their wretched characters to life.Although Tsumabuki Satoshi arguably has the central role, and indeed is utterly convincing as the tormented and brutal Yuichi, it’s Fukatsu Eri who impresses the most.The plot is a sprawling affair, not just following the runaway couple, but perhaps even more importantly charting how the murder affects everyone involved, in particular families of killer and victim.

Since the film eschews the usual protagonist or even anti-hero figure, and is populated by some pretty monstrous, though recognisable people, it means that the title is fitting and ironic – how do you judge evil when everyone is bad in one way or another?

Although the film is not without melodrama, with there being lots of tears and shots of characters wandering around in the ever-present rain, it’s never heavy handed.

As a result, the story is really quite devastating, offering glimpses of love and hope, though tempering them with ambiguity, and without ever taking the easy route of transforming into a redemptive journey.

Never pulling punches, it tackles a variety of difficult current issues in Japanese society, dealing with loneliness, sex, dating websites and more, all in an even handed manner.

Though not explicitly a youth drama, the film certainly has much to say on the subject and paints a pretty disparaging picture of the younger generation in Japan, though again without any easy answers or even finger pointing.


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