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Perhaps, as he quietly asserts in our chat, impersonating the swell-egant dude in the surrounding photos isn't that huge of a stretch for our boy.

From the looks of things, you just upped your résumé as an international man of mystery. When they put a quarter-million-dollar watch on my wrist, I knew they weren't joking around.

It's pretty wild how people follow—though it's hard to know everything over the last 330 episodes.

I like the opening-credits shot of Mc Gee with the two guns—a pretty badass moment, yes?

Harmon is obviously our silver fox leader, and that family dynamic that's on the show is mirrored in the way we work. If it was a different sort of set, I don't think we would be here 14 years later, enjoying it. We made sure to stick with that, not only out of the great work that Gary did but as a bit of an homage to him as well. One of the great things about having our writers on set every day is that there's a collaborative feel to it, more than a lot of sets I've been on.

Longtime showrunner Gary Glasberg died unexpectedly last year. It's not pure collaboration—they do their thing, and it goes through levels—but we sit around and talk creatively.

There's plenty of footage of us goofing off, that's for sure. But we never let it get out there, because it can get rude.

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There's no better place to throw humble and perhaps a bit shy Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Field Agent Timothy Mc Gee.It's funny: there's something about Mc Gee that invites everyone getting involved in his personal space and his business.I love a lot of the bantering among the characters about what’s considered a white lie, what's okay to say, what's not okay.I spent New Year’s Eve '99 there with a group of friends—good times!" The good times have certainly lasted for the group of friends who launched the flagship series in September 2003.Rather, there's no better place to throw the actor who embodies him, Sean Murray—who, if anything, is humbler and more of a straight arrow than the agent he brings to life.


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