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I am encouraged to see, at last, resources that meet this problem head on with valuable, workable solutions that are already making a difference.

It is now possible, with these tested and effective methods, to stop the relentless tide of divorce once and for all.

This plainspoken `how to' guide to marital success should be in every pastor's study and be made required reading for every engaged couple." ~ Jeff Sheler, Religion editor, U. News & World Report "MARRIAGE SAVERS can help stop the relentless tide of divorce in any church." ~ Dr.

Jimmy Draper, President, Baptist Sunday School Board Using the books and videos described here, YOU and your church can help couples achieve six great goals: The Manual to Create a Marriage Savers Congregation is now available to purchase without training. Writing my book, Marriage Savers, which describes many successful mentoring programs was not a sufficient tool.

Chuck Colson says, "Mike Mc Manus has done a great service for the kingdom in a book called Marriage Savers which tells the how, in a practical way, it can help build strong marriages. It is one of the most urgent tasks and highest priorities of the Church." Cardinal William Keeler, past president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, adds, "I am delighted to do all that I can to encourage Marriage Savers, and I think that this absolutely must be a very, very high priority." This is a little book -- of only 112 pages -- aimed at the average reader who will not wade through Marriage Savers but who wants to know the proven ways to prevent divorce.

Perhaps his key insight is the power of the church to strengthen and save (not merely bless) marriages....(He says) `There are some 350,000 churches in America, and every one of them has couples with solid marriages who've never been asked, trained, equipped or inspired to do this job.

Why can't we learn to draw on the strength and experience that are already at hand?

He and his wife, Harriet, have been married three decades and are the parents of three grown sons.

They have created a marriage ministry at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Maryland in which they have trained 64 couples married an average of 30 years to mentor seriously dating and engaged couples.


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