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We will leave that to the reader to decide for certain.However, JD did not accept the money on the basis that it appeared to be a bribe.At the time of this writing, at least 6 women have come to us with accusations of spiritual and sexual misconduct against Jennings.While Clayton has admitted to this sexual misconduct in a general sense, he claims that all of this happened “a long time ago,” and that he has come to full repentance.I had sex before marriage a long time ago and admitted as much MANY MANY times in videos and messages. Now that he claims that he’s been “lied” about, it is necessary to give you the full details of the story from our side–the unadulterated, verifiable side of the story.

JD Hall, in the Facebook group, politely asked Clayton, Clayton Jennings, why did you do a video promoting Hillsong LA? Here’s a link to all the articles at P&P about this cult (I cannot in good conscience call it a church) His relationship with Pulpit & Pen began to go south quickly.Most of Jennings’ comments and replies were hostile and accusatory. In the middle of the text exchange below, while calling JD a “child of the devil” among other unsubstantiated accusations, JD then acknowledges that he has no choice but to go back to warning people about Jennings since Jennings had no desire to acknowledge and correct his serious theological and orthopraxic errors.It was right at that moment that Jennings sent, via Paypal, one thousand dollars to JD, and requested to quietly go their separate ways.Saiko Woods, another long-time defender of Carl Lentz and Hillsong subsequently joined the chorus of attacks against us.It was at that time that JD Hall personally reached out once again to Clayton Jenning, which did not go well at all.I believe from birth, we are all sinners separated from a Holy God while on a fast track to Hell. Without repentance, trust, and belief in Him, there is no salvation.


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