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Certain topics gets discussed month after month after month and there isn’t an ounce of progress.

Six months later, people are still debating the finer points of these tedious arguments or dispensing the same advice shared by everybody else.

You don’t sit there and let your friend pay the check. Profile photos are, like, super important – No shit? If someone does or doesn’t want to wait a certain number of dates, they aren’t for you. The differences between being single and being in a relationship – Ever notice how these are NEVER written by anybody who has been with their partner for longer than, like, a year?

The three date rule - This is another one of those things that exists solely because people won’t let it die. Anything to do with sex - I love me a mature and insightful discussion about sexuality.

All of that said, there are certain pearls of wisdom that get a lot of play in this space.

Every single one of these topics needs to be put down for good.

I took part in a Hangout yesterday about dating and technology and the explosion of various apps.

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