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Mandate: The Rules of the State Board of Education, Minimum Requirements for the Approval of Public Schools 0520-1-3-.06 (2010) requires students in grades K-8 to complete physical education annually, and students in grades 9-12 to complete 1 unit of wellness that includes health and physical fitness.

If you desire sex more than you desire Christ, have had lustful thoughts, or don’t believe He can overcome this temptation — confess your unbelief. God promises that who He is in Christ will completely satisfy every emotional longing (see Psa ; John ; John -38; 1Pet 1:8). If you know someone who would be helped by reading this, email it to them using the “share” button below.

So Jesus’ point is not that we fight sin by gouging out eyes. And there’s also the emotional longing for sexual excitement, closeness, and pleasure. Here’s what I recommend: Don’t try to change your heart first.

His point is that IF gouging out eyes would overcome sin, it would be well worth it. God’s grace helps us deal with each of these differently. This craving is not in itself sin, and is something God built into our bodies. But if God has called you to fast, you must resist it by relying on God’s promise that He is worth the discomfort, and by knowing that in time the hunger will be gone. Turn and trust Jesus Christ to forgive you, help you, free you, and satisfy you. The word of God is the sword the Spirit uses to slay unbelief and lust (Eph ).

Standard 8 recommends students in grades 6-12 learn problem-solving skills for anger and stress management and how to appraise personal skills that contribute to mental and physical health.

Standard 9 recommends students in grades K-12 learn about stress and its effect on health and wellness, stress management and coping skills, and proper means of expressing anger. Acts 865 to urge public schools to include the use of nonviolence as a means of conflict resolution.


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