Special education dating

He specializes in apps that help families with children who have special needs connect socially and improve thier lives.On the right is his older brother, Christian, who has Down Syndrome. -- Johnny Ciocca is a self-taught app maker, who, at only 17 years of age, has already launched 35 apps.

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He found his way into programming during the summer of 2012, and tapped into a website called Code Academy to start learning different coding languages.And it seems the broad range of users for this app caught the attention of Apple pretty early, with Johnny receiving an email requesting promotional images of the app within a month of it going public.The app has generated a lot of interest in education circles, and a school in Australia is considering buying copies for all of its i Pads.As word about the monthly social events has spread, so has the app work being done by Johnny.The most successful is an app called My Voice —Tap or Type to Talk, which was launched last May.His latest creation, a social network called you Belong, is also gaining some traction since its launch two weeks ago.


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