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An apartment that was centrally located overlooking the beautiful growing capital city of Santiago.

The country boasts a myriad of options of where to live; from the growing city skyline of Santiago, the adventure rich mountains, the unique coastline, all the way to the majestic south that gives Chile the moniker “The Switzerland of the South.”Foreigners are flocking to live in Chile for not only opportunity but stability in a world which is becoming increasingly unstable. Day trading in Brazil from penthouses to lofts in the center of the city, there is something quite distinctive about Rio De Janeiro.

Great transportation networks are being built and Lima is a global airline hub thanks to LAN Airlines and the much visited iconic Machu Picchu.

While continuing my search for viable locations for day trading centers in South America, Peru is very high on my list of possibilities.

Living in Chile for over 3 months allowed me to get acquainted to the model of prosperity in South America.

The only First World nation on the continent, Chile is an incredibly interesting country that has nothing but open arms for foreigners.

Portuguese, while difficult, can be learned and there are ways to economize in the country. Contrary to popular belief, living in Brazil will not be a safety concern.

The government has focused on cleaning up bad neighborhoods and increasing security throughout the country.

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More than 80% of the country is Amazon rainforest and the heat and humidity is enough to make a beach sweat.The Best Places to Live in South America range from promising emerging markets to countries that are going through presidential coups.Every year publications from around the world list their top places to live and retire for the upcoming year.The best infrastructure in the region (in the northeast not South America) and a government that hasn’t had any major difficulties since the Dutch left in 1975.Being such a small country there are limited opportunities.There is also limited connectivity to its neighbors and it possesses a currency that is not readily convertible.


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