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With the help of this project you’ll be well acquainted with horses in no time. Login to download project Submitted by Norfolk 4-H. Or that llamas are used for fibre production, cart driving and packing, and as guard animals and therapy animals?The world of llamas is explored through this project. Discover this and much, much more with the Llama Project. Login to download project This project has three key areas of focus: housing and management, breeding and marketing and nutrition.Handling rabbits, watching them grow and learning how to care for them is what this project is all about. Plan to learn about breeding, health, nutrition, housing and management. Login to download project This project is a fun and interactive way to teach some basics of veterinary care.Diseases, animal anatomy and genetics are just some of the topics covered.

You’ll learn about selection, husbandry, feeding and exhibiting rabbits. Login to download project In this project you’ll learn about health, nutrition, breeding, lambing, selection, housing, transportation, marketing and animal welfare. It’s safe to say “ewe’ll” know a thing or two about sheep after completing this project. Login to download project This project will teach you how to provide consumers with lean, nutritious and residue free pork.

Check out the list of upcoming Ottawa speed dating and singles events and don’t miss your opportunity to sign up before spots fill up: The restaurant’s exposed brick walls and bold vibrant colors imbue the main dining area with a truly intimate atmosphere, making it perfect for romantic rendezvous or corporate cocktail receptions.

77 Clarence Street, Ottawa, K1N 5P5 613.562-2500 A high-quality Asian Fusion Sushi Restaurant in the Byward Market, this spot will continue to set the trend for others to follow.

You can definitely learn a thing or two about fish in this project! Login to download project This project has three key areas: housing and health, goats for all reasons and nutrition.

You’ll pretty much learn everything you need to know to keep your goat happy and healthy.


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