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However, I do have experience and insights as a Pastor relating to many single adults. Wyatt talks about the dynamics of a blended family.

Coming from a blended family himself, who better to talk about the topic?

See how to realize you need professional help in deal with such situations.

Internet Addiction: Is the Internet your drug of choice?

What to do when love is not returned, but you feel that God has put this person in your life for a reason? Jim explains what do to when you face a unrequited love.

“Unrequited Love”, when someone whom I think God has sent to be my mate doesn’t agree (or even know I exist): what am I to do?

I think that the Internet has brought one of the greatest revolutions to mankind that we will likely ever experience. This amazing verse tells us a lot about our Creator.

With just 3 simple words we see how much God loves us.

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However, the other person isn’t attracted to them or maybe doesn’t that they exist!He tells us first-hand what parents and children should expect when living in this kind of family environment and how the members of the family can follow some easy steps to have a successful blended family!Blended Family With the divorce rate around 50%, blended families are becoming more the norm than the exception.Enjoy some scriptures from the Bible about love, perfect love and true love!Learning to love with God Looking for great Bible love verses? Genesis So Jacob worked seven years to pay for Rachel. How can you deal with compulsive behaviour like this in a Christian manner?


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