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using the buffet of professional advice to sculpt their natural game into unstoppable perfection.A Lot jumped on board along the way…taking full advantage of the vast selection of executive coach experiences…jumpstarting their journey of finding the right style that works for them.His deep insights (and easy-to-implement strategies) for embracing your “inner natural” – resulting in Godzilla like advantages against any man in the dating scene – is nothing to sneeze at. What you can learn from eastern philosophy secrets that will send your social value soaring (Including meeting more women, making new friends, and being accepted by everyone) that you can master almost overnight!The little known secret to every social interaction that separates the champs from the chumps…and how to ensure you never slip into “chump zone” again!and unleashed a seduction firestorm of easy-to-implement tactics forcing you to master your OWN natural game once and for all.

But these men did not have the full collection of the RSD Mastermind episodes they’ve missed. and 8 professional gurus bombarding you with different angles, new perspectives, and your own intense breakdown of which natural game concepts are destined to bring you success with women, no matter what.

CD3 marks the exact time period in which we now had a choice in game: Attract women by being A full blown breakdown of the secret methods RSD uses to coach dating advice from the ground up…and why these proven, result driven tactics can force-feed you the wisdom you need to slash years off your learning curve.

The one simple truth behind conquering every mental, physical, and emotional barrier– regardless of how deep, personal, and unique they are – that replenishes your soul with self-belief (and murders any sliver of self-doubt you’ve ever had in your life.) How to guarantee you are “cut from the same cloth” as everyone else on the planet.

Imagine each unique disc as its own personal 1-on-1 seminar with your own RSD Executive Coach, answering your most commonly difficult questions (that have already been asked for you) and giving you a private tutorial of – not only what has been proven to attract women – but how you can apply it directly to your own natural attraction style.

Here’s a sneak-peak into the accumulated wealth of “natural game” secrets you can start to discover today: (First half of “The Tyler Files” 2 part series) RSD’s Executive Producer, Tyler, absolutely rocks this no-holds-barred Q&A session as RSD Nation bombards him with the most gripping, most nightmarish, and most unbelievably devastating dating issues that our rapidly growing community could offer.


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