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At Texas A&M, it was announced by the Chancellor and President that the Sul Ross statue was definitively to stay.

In early September 1918, the entire senior class enlisted, with plans to send the younger students at staggered dates throughout the next year.

These colleges provided the Primary School, wherein the key topics of the first two years of a college electrical engineering curriculum were condensed into three months.

Under the leadership of President James Earl Rudder in the 1960s, A&M desegregated, became coeducational, and dropped the requirement for participation in the Corps of Cadets.Texas A&M has over 1,000 officially recognized student organizations.Many students also observe the traditions, which govern daily life, as well as special occasions, including sports events.The Texas A&M system endowment is one of the 10 biggest in the nation.Texas A&M's student body is the largest in Texas and one of the largest in the United States.Though originally envisioned and annotated in the Texas Constitution as a branch of the University of Texas, Texas A. In the late 1880s, many Texas residents saw no need for two colleges in Texas and clamored for an end of Texas A. Ross made many improvements to the school and enrollment doubled to 467 cadets as parents sent their sons to Texas A&M "to learn to be like Ross".


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