The dating game role play

the game was hard enough without having to be so specific and is completely unnecessary. Worth playing again and again and again to see all the possible scenarios and endings, and try various combinations of them.

[anywhere] Click through sex sequence ====ON THE TABLE==== 1. [anywhere] Click through sex sequence ====POINT LOOKOUT==== 1. [left side] Let`s drive towards the outskirts of town 23. ====OPENING==== * This is an opening sequence that should be used to begin all dates. [back wall] Go to another room ====ON THE COUCH==== 1. [shoulder blades] That was a brave and sexy move 54. [anywhere] You are so sweet, lets do something hot this time 57. The game that made me visit this site over and over again.. Final B: o Dare (you) and Dare (she), go to a shop dressed only with a towel o You are on the car, click on the towel (she will enter on the shop withou for ) o Buy snacks, come back to car, beer o F**K!!


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