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That type of show rarely offers any depth, but that's not the point of such programming.You can tune into an episode of, say, Law & Order SVU at any time without having the need to rely on backstory for understanding.In past seasons, there have been attempts at deep examinations of character or, worst of all, multi-episode story arcs that never paid off.

Similarly, after amassing a long list of very wealthy, very connected corporate enemies, there should have been some backlash, and in the finalé it arrives.

Though we live in an Occupy-dominated time, there comes a point where smearing fat cats can become a tired exercise.

Take, for instance, the TNT heist procedural Leverage, which recently began its fifth season.

As Nate tells Hardison (Aldis Hodge, "The Hacker" and comic relief extraordinaire), a con artist will have to go through any number of plans in a single scheme, as there are so many moving parts one can't always take into account.

Yet none of the leads here ever feel truly in danger; sure, Nate gets shot in the season finalé, but it's in the shoulder, passed off as a flesh wound.


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