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But what "HONEST" European & American bankers unload loans on a nation, knowing a good part of the money will be kept by corrupt politicians....

in many cases the banks & corporations had already bribed government officials to obtain their lucrative contracts & licenses to take away the country's richness from its people and transfer them abroad.

These newly poor Argentines have come from what was one one of the most socially equal countries in the world, with a very big middle class.

These newly poor have not lived in these slums for decades like in South Africa, or even a century in Brazil's case.

He is estranged to his former life because of his last few ...

See full summary ยป Divided into three segments, namely 1 Neocolonialism, 2 Act for liberation, 3 Violence and liberation, the documentary lasts more than 4 hours this deals with the defense of the revolution ...

All this is what happens when a well intentioned pretty well developed & industrialized country follows the policy of the World Bank, IMF, and current rules of modern capitalism to the T.

It's self sufficient in everything, exporting oil & natural gas, shares the world's largest fresh water reserve - once the world's breadbasket & greatest meat exporter.

This documentary helps one to understand the absurdity of the current situation.

You'll see how foreign concerns take everything (including Argentine oil, sold off at a laughable price to the Spanish "Repsol") from the people as a whole, and from the formerly middle-class people: the riches of the whole country; all this achieved by bribing over half of the Congress.

The rich have not been dispossessed by the way, as in communist or popular revolutions, but rather a rape of a country unseen in modern times has occurred.


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