Too intimidating to women

I was literally convinced that I was the perfect girl for him. And after analyzing every single second of our interaction at least 100 times, I really can’t come up with anything that makes any sense other than the fact that I was perfect for him—too perfect, in fact. The problem, though, is that I can’t quite pinpoint why it would be scary for a guy to be with an awesome girl.

I realize this isn’t something I’m going to be able to solve in one sitting.

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You don't hold back when it comes to speaking your mind and you never wait for the perfect moment to do it.However, now that I’ve come to the repeated conclusion that intimidation played a role in my recent failed dating endeavors, I feel like maybe I should rethink my stance—especially because in all of those cases that explanation seemed completely likely and totally logical.Therefore, I would like to figure out whether it is factually possible for a guy to reject a girl on the ground that she intimidated him. Everything about me matched up perfectly with what this guy was looking for.Until recently, that is, since I’ve started to notice an alarming trend: In three of my last four rejections, I concluded that the guy ended things with me because I intimidated him.I call this trend “alarming” because I usually consider it delusional to blame a guy’s lack of interest on intimidation. ” is a phrase that I’ve always thought of as the battle cry for cheesy, brainless girls who are totally lacking in any charming or marketable attributes whatsoever.It’s pretty hard to take the sting out of being rejected by a guy after a month or so of semi-serious dating, especially when the signs seemed to be indicating a reasonable likelihood of success.


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