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The menu, written entirely in Ukrainian save for one English copy that would get passed around, changed daily but always offered a rotating list of classics like pierogi, stuffed cabbage, borscht, roast pork, potato pancakes and fish in gelatin.

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Follow that linoleum deep into the building around a corner spruced up with plastic plants, and you'll find, in the midst of Manhattan, a wooden cabin."If you complained about the cooking, and she [got] mad enough, she would come out and tell you that you had to eat your food." And eat my food I did.Those pierogi punctuated my college experience: They were a balance of cloud-like potatoes (sometimes mixed with cheese or bacon) stuffed into chewy wrappers and scattered with fried onions.The tables are covered in red cloths and needlepoint, plates of pierogi and bowls of borscht.Stroll to the back room and, three nights a week, there are couples tango dancing.We guarantee that ALL of the ladies on our service are ACTIVELY looking for a husband.


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    "The period around 15,000 to 11,000 years ago when they thrived in southwest China is known as the Pleistocene-Holocene transition, and it saw a shift to climates and ecological communities the same as those of today," Curnoe added.