Updating a verizon phone

As it widely known, all LTE Verizon-branded cell phones are required by law to come unlocked out of the box.Because of this, every Verizon LTE device you see on e Bay or other sites will be categorized unlocked.According to Reddit, a recent update to the device has delivered yet bloatware, this time in the form of a sort-of bloatware von Neumann machine.Verizon’s OTA update included Digital Turbine’s Ignite software, which the company bills as “a dynamic preload platform for mobile operators to seamlessly manage applications installed at first boot and over the life of the device.” What this means in context is that Ignite can both download applications without asking the user first, and it can pick the applications it downloads based on whatever the user does with their smartphone already.DT Ignite can be used to install applications after product activation, a factory reset, or a system update, so in theory it’s a way for carriers to manage device experience even if a customer wipes the product.We’ve seen some similar echoes of this in the PC world, though in that case Lenovo had modified PC firmware to embed the same application.Update season for carrier locked Samsung Galaxy devices is in full swing.

The news comes as the latest blockbuster Samsung release, the Galaxy S8, is actually shipping with the same Android version. This makes sense, since companies probably want to know whether their own ad campaigns are working.But it’s a further infringement on consumer rights given that the customer neither asked for these applications nor chose to install them.Since it’s not an over-the-air update, you will need a computer to have your Verizon cell phone updated.This is an official method and doesn’t require doing any complicated hacks or rooting your device.This type of targeted appeal is extremely attractive to companies that want to tailor their packaged software to specific customers.


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