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And I personally experienced time and again an effort on the part of the administration to stifle my role as a trustee.Even the simplest things like trying to connect with my constituents through visits to my schools, was made very difficult. Klotz Email.) This enmeshment of Board and administration appears symbolically in how our Board room is arranged.When my husband and I moved to Edmonton with our two children (number three came along a few years later) I coordinated the children’s liturgy at our parish and let my name stand for President of the Woodcroft Community League.One of the most challenging issues I had to deal with as President of the Community League was the potential closure of the community’s local EPSB elementary school.It is very difficult for a Board to work well and develop relationships of trust with their administration when they are facing off with them during municipal elections.

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Trustee Acheson brought forward a motion this term to have the administration face the trustees but the administration came back with a report stating it would cost thousands of dollars to make the changes. If you have the time and patience to watch even a few months of ECSD Board meetings, you will notice that there is always a majority of trustees who not only agree with the administration’s every recommendation but who praise the administration at every opportunity. If the administrators see a trustee challenging them, they will use their personal connections and influence to make it very difficult for that trustee to visit schools and to meet the parents who could vote for them or if the trustee manages to get invited, neglect to introduce trustees at events.Dear Elector/Tax Payer, I have been an active member of my church and community for many years. Michael’s College, Faculty of Theology with a Master of Divinity which set me on the path to parish and retreat ministry in the Catholic Church.My life however, has been devoted not only to service to the church but to my community and the general public.Klotz who returned to her position as Board Secretary.I had to work alongside Chief Financial Officer Barry Devlin after seeing him hand out flyers for my opponent Terry Harris during the 2013 election.Explore answers to these questions, as well as others, using the resources provided below.


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