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You can try to revert the changes that you have done, but it is at your own risk.Reinstalling a proper version of Windows might be needed in some cases, if you cannot recover the original kernel.Running an unmaintained kernel may mean you need to do an urgent unplanned kernel update if you require support from SAP for any issue. The above table is correct at the time of writing based on the information in the PAM.

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For our customers we include the latest kernel alongside any support packages we apply, meaning the new kernel is also tested as part of the testing for the support package.

You need to disable Hyper-V to launch FACEIT AC Open an administrator command prompt and type the following: " The AC protects the game and block some files that are seen as suspicious when they try to get loaded into the game.

If the game is working properly, then you can simply ignore this message.

You will need to remove whichever crack you have installed which modified it.

It is also possible that your system is infected by a rootkit.


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