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Your fixtures may not be compatible with any other track.And, depending on the manufacturer, there may not be any other fixtures to choose from. There are plenty of options -- and prices -- for new tracks and fixtures.But there is a catch: The type of replacement fixture you get depends on what type of track lighting you have: H, J or L.The initials stand for three early manufacturers of track lighting: Halo, Juno and Lightolier.Some systems can be bent into any shape, such as an S, circle or oval.

Fixtures, also called track heads, start at less than and climb into the hundreds of dollars, if you're interested in handblown glass from Italy.

Not all kitchens have the same look or feel, but there are similar rules to follow when you start your own kitchen renovation.

First, keep in mind that updating the look of your bathrooms and kitchen will provide the largest financial return when the day comes to sell your home.

As times and trends in decorating changed, track lighting became synonymous with tacky lighting.

But times have shifted again, and track lights are trendy.


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