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The most recent Electoral Roll is added to 192at the beginning of the year and updated quarterly.

The Electoral Register shows who is registered in each ward and is published by street and house number rather than by the electors name.

However, this might bring back a long list of results, so 192allows you to refine your Electoral Roll search by Other Household Occupants (e.g. Since 2003, 192has only published the edited Electoral Register annually.

2002 was the last year the full electoral register was available.

The personal data in the register must always be processed in line with data protection legislation.

This offers almost three times the coverage of searching the phonebook alone!

For maps and profiles of the current boundaries visit State electoral boundaries.

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It only takes about 5 minutes to keep your details up to date. If you are abroad you may also need your passport number. If you prefer not to complete an online form you can print and complete the paper form.

Once the form is complete you will need to return it to your local electorate office.


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