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When it came up again a few weeks later it was on a Sunday and no dealerships would be open, so I couldn't take it in and by Monday morning the code had cleared.

The third time it happened I turned the truck off and the code went away at the dealership and I was told they couldn't look at it under warranty without the CEL physically being lit.

Today I was driving and the CEL came on again and I was able to take it to the dealership again, but they were only able to read the code today and going to order a new Engine Coolant Bypass Valve which should hopefully be in on Tuesday.

My real question is has anyone else come across this issue and if so have you had to go through similar steps and what corrected the issue, if it was corrected.

I had the same issue I updated my bios from 0503 to 0802 and my system was looping BIOS IS UPDATING and never finished.

I flashback the bios to 0503 to get the system working again.

My only issue is finding a good dealership to take it to.

I am glad they are supposedly taking care of you now, but the above quote from them is a lie or misinformation.

Most codes are stored in the computer, and can be read even after the CEL goes out.

The Q-Code is 90 So far it's over an hour and still waiting.

My BIOS was 0603 and I haven't flashed or download the latest version. My specs are: Rampage V Extreme i7 5930K Corsair Hydro H110 Corsair Obsidian 750D Samsung ssd 840 EVO 1TB Seagate Barracuda 2TB 4X4GB Corsair Platinum Dominator 2666 Corsair AX1200i Lite-On 124-14 ROG Pheobus soundcard Gigabyte GTX Ge Force 670 Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit The update procedue should only occur after a UEFI update is made.


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