Validating wireless network

You might purchase Cat5e-spec’d cable, but you won’t know for sure if it will carry gigabit traffic until you validate it and prove it meets the specific requirements for near-side cross-talk, far-side cross-talk, pin-outs, twist ratios, etc.

Here are just a few we normally define metrics and requirements so we’ll know when the WLAN is ready to work without issues.

Do you remember that scene in the movie Forest Gump when “Bubba” goes on and on about the many different ways you can cook shrimp? No, there aren’t nearly as many as Bubba rattled off but there are quite a few and they all have their specific place in the wireless network design process.

Before we get into the various site-survey types, it’s important to mention that site-surveys are not the design process but merely a component in the process.

​A fundamental component of RADIUS is a client's validation of the RADIUS server's identity.

This is accomplished by hosting a certificate on the RADIUS server that has been validated by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).


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