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And if you have music and cool things to share with them that they like, you become a trusted source for music.

There are playlists of 10,000 (followers) that are super-influential and influence the larger playlists.”However a music industry insider said: “Given the limited financial returns on streaming single songs, it isn’t cost-effective for labels to pay-to-playlist.”Payola has historically attracted the attention of the US authorities.

Dig Mark executive Aileen Crowley was asked at the Great Escape music conference if playlisters ever request payment to add a track to their playlists?

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This has encouraged the music industry to revert to “payola” practices, first exposed by a major Congressional bribery and corruption investigation in 1959, which ensnared the pioneering rock n’roll DJ, Alan Freed.

The viral momentum building behind Royals forced radio, TV and traditional media to pick up on the minimalist track, which topped the global charts and sold 10 million downloads.

Zane Lowe’s defection from Radio 1 to Apple’s Beats 1 radio station transferred one of music’s most influential playlist creators to the technology giant.

“All of our own Spotify playlists are mixed together in house by our music experts based on a combination of what music fans are enjoying and what we think they’ll enjoy.

We have a strict policy against allowing any user to accept any kind of compensation for placing a song or an artist on a playlist.”Spotify said it would investigate any allegation of “pay-to-playlist” and yesterday tightened the platform’s terms and conditions to explicitly prohibit the practice.


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