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Kurtz wrote of the photos: Her new profile picture, in a Swiss-cheese bra that leaves little to the imagination and long black leather sleeves and briefs, is so revealing that it drew a torrent of breathless comments.In another just-posted photo she is nude, shot from the back, twisting one arm behind her.(Should I mention that Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane Mc Cray, used to be a lesbian? "This family represents the cultural changes that have enveloped parts — but not all — of America.

So while it was first announced as, "One way to end violence against women?

He also wrote a column this summer from the point of view of George Zimmerman, defending the neighborhood watchman's initial suspicion of a young black teenager.

While Cohen may be arguing that a portion of the right-wing Tea Party has a problem with the look of the de Blasio family, the same can certainly not be said about New Yorkers like himself (as Cohen writes for The Post but lives in New York).

Petri, clearly no fan of President Donald Trump's budget proposal, went on to jokingly justify budget cuts to the State Department ('Only HARD POWER now'), Environmental Protection Agency ('Clean rivers and breathable air are making us SOFT') and the Department of Agriculture ('We will be HUNTERS again'), among others.'I was as surprised as anyone to discover that I was Real News,' Petri wrote in a follow-up piece after seeing her humor column described as a 'News Report' by the White House.'Here I thought that I was toiling away in the Dank Cesspool of the Mainstream Media, but all along I was a Trusted News Source, just like Breitbart.com!

' she continued, referring to the right-wing news and opinion site known to be a Trump favorite.'I honestly thought that, no matter the headline, there was no way that anyone could think this piece was anything other than [satire],' wrote Petri.


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