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Davis developed the east end of the street and renamed it "St. Publisher Evert Augustus Duyckinck founded a private library at his 50 East Eighth Street home.Ann Lynch started a famous literary salon at 116 Waverly Place and relocated to 37 West Eighth Street in 1848.8th Street is a street in the New York City borough of Manhattan that runs from Sixth Avenue to Third Avenue, and also from Avenue B to Avenue D; its addresses switch from West to East as it crosses Fifth Avenue. Vehicular traffic runs east along both one-way streets. By 1835, the New York University opened its first building, the Silver Center, along Eighth Street near the Washington Square Park. The street ran between the Jefferson Market, built in 1832 at the west end, and the Tompkins Market, built in 1836, at the east end. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery on 10th Street at Second Avenue. Mark's Place is considered a main cultural street for the East Village. After the Commissioners' Plan was laid out, property along the street's right of way quickly developed.

In addition, the Brevoort Hotel, as well as a marble mansion built by John Taylor Johnston, were erected at Fifth Avenue and Eighth Street. Matchmaker Café, a pop-up cart at the plaza and beer garden outside upscale hotel Andaz Wall Street, has been serving coffee — and connecting couples — since launching two weeks ago.The shop is an outpost for longtime New York City matchmaker Nancy Slotnick’s virtual concierge dating service of the same name, which she started in November.Eighth Street was supposed to extend to a market place at Avenue C, but since that idea never came to fruition.Capitalizing on the high-class status of Bond, Bleecker, Great Jones, and Lafayette Streets in No Ho, developer Thomas E."This just feels simple," said Christatos as Slotnick emailed several young men from the cafe, whom Christatos chose by perusing the database on Slotnick's i Pad.


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