What is dating and marriage like in italy

When a couple decide to divorce, they go before a judge who offers them the choice of a reconciliation or a formal separation ( separazione formale) for one year.Financial matters should also be dealt with at this time.A civil ceremony is usually performed by the mayor or civil registrar at the local town hall in front of two witnesses.There’s nothing to pay apart from the inevitable fiscal stamp (€10.33).Our dating site is the right place for you to start with!

You can be divorced in Italy if your marriage took place there or if one of a couple is Italian or a resident in the country.With the exception of divorce by consent, divorce is a complicated matter in Italy and is best avoided if it can be accomplished abroad, which is possible when one of a couple isn’t Italian or you were married abroad.For two non-Italians or when only one partner is Italian, foreign law may take precedence over Italian law.To be married in Italy, a couple must appear before the civil registrar ( ufficiale di stato civile) of the town where the marriage is to take place with two witnesses and make a declaration of their intention to marry.You must present all necessary documents, which must be translated into Italian and certified by an Italian Consular Officer.If a religious ceremony is performed by a Roman Catholic priest, a separate civil ceremony is unnecessary, but the priest must register the marriage with the civil registrar in order for it to be legal.


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